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GFX Fuel Treatment Innovative Products

Ming Wah (Singapore) Agency Pte Ltd cooperates with SLSB International Company Ltd utilizes cutting-edge technology, using natural products that are sourced exclusively in Australia. Since the beginning of 2019, through the fundamentals and working principles of GFX, the company has been developing a product focused on the maritime industry. Laboratory analysis were ran in early February 2021, showing positive results. The product was officially launched and has been marketed since March 2021

GREEN FUEL MAX MARINE CONTAINS: detergents, surfactant, lubricity enhancer, emulsifier and other natural plant-based properties.

  • Disperse asphaltenes by maintaining homogeneity, compatibility and stability of the fuel, remove bacteria and oil bugs in the fuel to reduce sludge.

  • Cleans the fuel system to remove carbon deposits in the injector and combustion chamber, prevents the regeneration of deposits, improving atomization and combustion, increase fuel efficiency.

  • Enhance lubricity of the fuel especially low sulphur fuel oil, reduces wear and tear, extend the lifespan of components, reduce frequency of maintenance and ultimately save maintenance cost.

  • Effectively keeps the fuel system clean, reduce carbon deposits and carbon residue, which also helps to reduce wear and tear and increase fuel efficiency.

  • Improves the viscosity to improve fuel flow and atomization, lowers the flash point to improve combustion and ultimately improve fuel combustion efficiency. 

  •  Emulsify water particles so that it is solubilized and mixed into the fuel which will then be burnt off during the combustion process, keeping the fuel system clean. 

  • Does not change the DNA of the fuel, non-hazardous, life-long and doesn’ t need special storage condition.

Explosive-Proof Flashlight

  • High-brightness white LED light source with high power, low energy consumption, long service life of 100,000 hours; reflector with high surface treatment technology, high reflection efficiency, lamp irradiation ranges up to 300m.

  • Hermetic design, in storm conditions normal use; high hardness alloy shell and anti-fall reaches 1 m height drop does not affect the functionality; good resistance to high temperature, high humidity, you can use under harsh environmental conditions. 

  • High-capacity lithium battery, large capacity, long life, self-discharge rate at the end, economic and environmental protection.

  • The outer surface of the depth of non-slip treatment, light and beautiful, can be carried in the pocket, easy to operate.